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What is “Soshage”? 2 (”ソシャゲ”って何?2)

Hello everyone.  Last time in my article, I talked about one of the key factor in “soshage“, charactor. This time I’ll talk about second key factor “Gacha”.

Gacha” is a abbreviation of “gachapon“. This is also Japanese culture. It looks like a coin candy dispenser and when we put insert 100 yen and turn a handle, then a capsule toy (A small toy is inside of it) comes out from the coin dispenser machine.

Gacha” is a feature in soshage that imitate “gachapon” system. We use game currency to get some characters from “gacha” . Game currency can earn by completing mission in game. Also, we can use real money to do this “gacha” and that’s system produced many tragedy.  For instance, one of the player of “The Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls” (plz look at my last article!) did “gacha” 1693 times. This is equal to about five hundred thousand yen!

Gacha”  is a enjoyable system, but it is also a horrible part of “soshage“. When you try “gacha” please remember this word, “Do gacha moderately!”






重要(じゅうよう) key

要素(ようそ) factor

略称(りゃくしょう) abbreviation

発祥(はっしょう) birthplace, origin

販売機(はんばいき) dispenser

課金(かきん) charging


詳細(しょうさい) details







Japanese famous digital card game.

Today, I’m going to introduce Japanese card game. Its name is”Shadowvarse”. This is digital card game and launched on the Steam. This game is so popular that second in sales ranking. This game is said that similar to “Hearthstone”. However, “Shadowvarrse” has many better points than “Hearthstone”.

First, there are good UI(user interface).This game’s UI is so good that you can play instinctively.  Therefore you can play easily with your phone. This is one of the reason why this game is popular.


*this is home screen



Second, illustration is beautiful.  Illustration of “Shadowvarse” is famous for being beautiful . Many popular Japanese illustrator  participates this game.


*These are examples of  illustration.


Third, it is easy to start this game. There are several reasons. The first reason is that you can collect many card for free. If you want to be strong, you have to get strong card. However it costs a lot of money.  In this game, you can collect card at no charge so this game is good for people who start card game for the first time. The second reason is that rules of this game are simpler than other card game. For, instance, rules of “Hearthstone” and “Magic The Gathering”  are so complicated and difficult to understand but, this game is not hard to understand. These are the reason why this game is good for people who start card game.


Now, ”Shadowvarse” is one of the most popular game in the world and it has a lot of better points than other game. Why Don’t you play this game?







Murder on the Tokai Bullet Train ( 東海新幹線殺人事件)

In Japan, A serious incident has happened on June 9th;a tragedy just like “Murder on the Orient Express” written by Agatha Christie. A stranger attacked three people with a Machete. One person was murdered and the other two people are in critical condition. The suspect, Kojima said ” I killed them because my nerves are shattered. I didn’t care who I would kill.” It can be said that it was a typical indiscriminate murder.

日本(にほん)で6月(がつ)9日(ここのか)、深刻(しんこく )な事件(じけん)が起(お)こった。それはアガサ・クリスティーが書(か)いたオリエント急行殺人事件(きゅうこうさつじんじけん)のようであった。不審者(ふしんしゃ)はナタで3人(にん)を襲(おそ)った。一人(ひとり)の男(おとこ)は殺(ころ)され、残(のこ)り二人(ふたり)は重体(じゅうたい)である容疑者(ようぎしゃ)の小島(こじま)は「むしゃくしゃしてやった。誰(だれ)でも良(よ)かった。」と言(い)った。これは典型的(てんけいてき)な無差別殺人(むさべつさつじん)だと言(い)えるだろう。


新幹線(しんかんせん) bullet train

深刻(しんこく )な serious


オリエント急行殺人事件(きゅうこうさつじんじけん)Murder on the Orient Express


ナタ Machete

重体(じゅうたい)critical condition


むしゃくしゃする my nerves are shattered.

典型的(てんけいてき)な typical

無差別殺人(むさべつさつじん)indiscriminate murder

Low and High Context Cultures ~Why does it matter in Japan? 『ハイコンテクスト文化とローコンテクスト文化 ~何故日本で重要なのか?』

Before I came to Japan, I lived in America. One of the first things I noticed is that there was a major difference in the styles of communication between Japanese and American people. Today, I would like to think about these difference through the concept of  ‘Low-Context Culture’ and ‘High-context culture’.


What is “Low and High Context Cultures?” ~『ローコンテクスト・ハイコンテクスト文化とは?』

“A high-context culture relies on implicit communication and nonverbal cues. In high-context communication, a message cannot be understood without a great deal of background information. ~A low-context culture relies on explicit communication. In low-context communication, more of the information in a message is spelled out and defined.”  – Neese, Brian, Southeastern University, 17 Aug. 2016



The concept of High and Low Context cultures was first discussed by an American Anthropologist Edward T. Hall in 1976, in his book ‘Beyond Culture’. The term ‘context’ refers to fundamental elements of communication, such as language, value, ideology and logic.

『ハイコンテクスト文化・ローコンテクスト文化』の概念は、アメリカの人類学者エドワード・T・ホール氏による1976年の著作Beyond Culture』で初めて議論されました。ここでいう『コンテクスト』とは、ある文化のコミュニケーションの基礎となる言語・価値観・イデオロギーや論理のことを指します。

In a high-context culture, one’s message is not necessarily spoken by words; they are implied through nonverbal elements such as gestures, facial expression or tone of voice. If one wants to fully understand the nuances of a conversation, he/she must have a thorough understanding of the non-verbal communication style. Therefore, this type of communication is based on trust and close relationship. On the other hand, in a low context culture, all the messages are conveyed in the verbal cues, and nonverbal cues are much less relevant compared to that of high-context culture.


Why Does It Matter in Japan?


As a tendency, Japan is referred to as a high-context culture, whereas America is referred to as a low-context culture. When one move from one culture to another, it may be challenging for them to establish a meaningful communication, because different skills are required depending on the culture. For instance, in a high-context culture, the listener must be aware of the body language and the facial expression of the speaker, and must make an effort to understand the real intention. In a low-context culture, in contrary, the speaker must structure their verbal cue clearly and logically, so that the message doesn’t need to rely on nonverbal means.

This difference in the communication culture can become an obstacle when it comes to intercultural communication. As a foreigner living in Japan, I find it quite challenging to adapt to the ‘high-context’ element of this country’s communication custom; from time to time, I fail to understand what people really intend, or even misunderstand them. It seems quite vital for us to be aware of this concept when it comes to interacting with people with different backgrounds.








・Neese, Brian. “Intercultural Communication: High and Low Context Cultures.” Southeastern University, 17 Aug. 2016, online.seu.edu/high-and-low-context-cultures/.


What is “Soshage”?

When you look at Japanese App Store, you have a chance to see some icons with anime character.

スクリーンショット 2018-06-08 20.59.53

This is the major Japanese application style “Soshage”. “Soshage” is a summry of a word “Social Games” .
In my article, I will tell you a characteristic and facination of “Soshage“. This time, I will tell you the most important factor in “soshage”, charactor.

  • Charactor

Japanese “soshage” ‘s most characterristic point is “charactor”. Many of the “soshage”  appeals this mainly. Players enjoy cute cute or cool charactor illusrations.

For instance,  one of the Japanese “soshage” title “The Idol M@ster Cinderella Girls” is a game that focus on “idols”.  In this game, 183 of indivisual idols appear. You can find your ideal anime charactor from it!

スクリーンショット 2018-06-08 21.52.01スクリーンショット 2018-06-08 21.56.22.png

If you are interested in “Soshage”, please try it! In this contents, you should find your ideal anime charactor!

↓”Idol M@ster” ‘s link

Iphone:Deremasu for iphone Android:Deremasu for android




[Yu-Gi-Oh]OMG new Abyss actor cards are OP

Hi First time writing about Yu-gi-oh in this blog. Lets see the new cards given to abyss actor in the DP Legend duelist pack 3.

  • Abyss script – Romantic teller (Quick-effect)
  1. Select one “Abyss actor” P-monster on your field and return it to the players hand, then special summon one “Abyss actor” P-monster with a different name in def position from your Ex deck.
  2. When there is a faced-up “Abyss actor” P-monster in your Ex deck and this set card is been destroyed by your opponents eff ; choose any number of “Abyss script” cards from your deck and set to your magic/trap zone.
  • Abyss theater – Fantastic theater (Field)- You can activate each eff once per turn
  1. Show one “Abyss actor” P-monster and “Abyss script” magic card in your hand ; add one “Abyss script” card with a different name from your deck.
  2. As long as a P-summoned “Abyss actor” P-monster is on your field, the effect your opponents monster activated will be changed to “destroy one magic/trap card on your opponents field”.
  • Abyss actor’s curtain call
  1. You can activate this card in the turn you activated an “abyss script” card ; add face-up “Abyss actor” P-monster to your hand in your Ex deck up to the number of “Abyss script” magic card in your graveyard. Then you can special summon “Abyss actor” P-monster (No same named monsters) from your hand up to the number of monsters you added to your hand by this cards eff. You can only special summon “Abyss actor” monsters in the turn you activate this card






Hey if you guys want me to explain combos or deck builds plz give me comments either in this site or twitter :}

Self Introduction

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Shou. I am a foreigner who recently moved to Japan. It is my first time living here, and I am finding it a very interesting place to live in. In this blog, I would like to write different articles about information I learned in Japan. My goal is to create a ‘foreigner’s guide to Japan’ from a foreigner’s point of view.




Thank You!


We Made Official MarsB Twitter Account

We just started Twitter. We will convey our  information continuously.


And, if you want to contact us, you can send direct messages to the account.(don’t hesitate to message us)


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Super duper site for a Tokinosora guide

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.49.25 PM

Have you ever heard about a girl called “Tokino Sora”?? Oh no man you should immediately jump to youtube and check for her.

As you see the adorable behaviour and hear the sweet charming voice, you will surely be addicted and enter the *sora spiral.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 11.59.36 AM.png*Example of Sora spiral

She started to post on youtube from Dec / 2017 followed by the vTuber(virtual youtuber) trend started from *Kizuna AI.

The style of Tokino Sora channel is consisted of every Thursday lives, randomly posted  game playing videos and the uniquest, singing video. Sora likes singing and her dream is to have a concert and return us the favor of subscribing her.

In her twitter account, she is always looking for a original song which she can sing for us in the concert. There are now 3 original songs made by the fans which is called Sora-song and is all posted on youtube.

hqdefault  0-166-360x230  maxresdefault  6cd1fee50592e1031854ce8e1e6c2c78

*Sora-songs (click and jump)

Sora’s uniform has been changed since she started her activity.

  • Yellow tie > Red tie
  • Hair: became darker and longer, increased the volume
  • blue hairpin > Yellow hairpin (C shape stands for Cover which is the companies name)


*First appearance 

821f5876  unnamed-2

*Updated (can wear glass)

Of course she had a tough time. It was the first time for her to compere the MC of a quiz live app called “Mirrativ“. The rules were simple that audiences will answer the question Sora gives and only who keeps getting correct can continue answering. But this means once every audience has answered wrong, the program will end no matter how long it is left. Thanks to the participant called “Leonidas” who only succeeded to answer the all 10 questions correctly, quiz program was successfully conducted.


*Relieved in the reviewing Live after the quiz show (was crying before)

Sora has many costumes custom made for every event. In big events such as christmas, halloween and new year, she wears the new costumes just made for that special live.

スライドショーには JavaScript が必要です。

* Example of the special costumes 

While many vTubers were posting videos collaborating with other vTubers, Sora was also willing to have a collaboration live. May 5, 2018 Sora was invited to the “Werewolf game live” hosted by NicoNico douga. She successfully interacted with other vTubers and enjoyed her first collaboration.


*Interaction with other vtubers

After the release of Tokino Sora, Cover corporation has launched other virtual character projects which introduces new cute characters into VR live. They are also cute so please have a check!

1cc4a791  DdD92GOUQAAmznJ

*Juniors (Right: Roboko san Left: Yozora Meru)

Sora has now got a brand-new costume which is now her new outfit. It is designed as an uniform that Idol wears. The design was made by her follower and received via twitter.


Please visit her page if you got interested with her!!!!!