Bottle drinks being transparent in Japan



In Japan, there are tremendous plastic bottle drinks being sold. Even just for a tea or coffee, several companies sell various types of drinks, so it will be countless when it comes to the total number of plastic bottle drinks. And recently, the transparency of these beverage are booming.   “I-LOHAS” fruit water series was famous for its transparency from before, but nowadays Ice tea, Coca-Cola, and even Coffee is being transparent. The background of this transparency boom is the character of the Japanese who care about what other people think. One of the reason why people buy transparent drinks is because it will be recognised as water from the see-through appearance.

Please have a try once you see it!



flaver_hakuto_img    flavor_hyuganatsu_img  flavor_lychee_tea_img

いろはすシリーズ  I-LOHAS drinks (from right: Peach water, orange water, lychee tea)


コカコーラCLEAR Coca-Cola CLEAR


アサヒ クリアラテ Asahi CLEAR Latte




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