Japanese Phrases for Daily Use〜日常で使える日本語のフレーズ〜

What are the 12 most used phrases in Japanese conversation? Do you wanna know?

Today,  I would like to introduce the most important phrases in Japanese conversation through some episodes.

1.おはようございます(ohayougozaimasu)  – Good morning!


In Japan,Being rude deserves to die. So if you don’t know this phrase, you can’t survive in Japan …And you can just say おはよう(ohayou) if you want to be casual.

2.こんにちは(konnichiwa) – Hello!

One of my American friends said “こんにちは is very pretty!! ” It’s really hard for me to understand her feeling. And Some people use こんにち ,but you should use こんにち.

3.こんばんは(konbanwa)–Good evening!

If you want to act stupid, you can say こんばんワニ(konbanwani). The joke must be leave listeners cold.

スクリーンショット 2018-07-13 12.43.31.png

*ワニ means alligator

4.ありがとう(arigatou) –Thank you!

All Japanese know “ありが10”:It’s the simple joke in Japan. 10 can be read とう(tou) except じゅう(jyu).  And “あり” means “ant”. So, “there are ten ants.” means “Thank you” in Japan.

スクリーンショット 2018-07-14 19.47.57.png

5.(gomennasai)–I’m sorry

Japanese frequently apologize. If you want to be like Japanese, you have to use these words. I don’t mean it is good.

7.お名前は?(onamaewa)what’s your name? 

Basically, Japanese are so shy. You have to ask Japanese their name in order to be friends. Yeah, It’s hard to make Japanese lover….

8.いいですね(iidesune)–It’s good, 好きです(sukidesu)–I like it.

Japanese perform better when they are complicated.

9.すいません(suimasen)–Excuse me

I hear this word 100 times everyday.


It’s a right of samurai to commoners for perceived affronts. Samurai says this phrase before samurai kills people. I hope you guys never hear this phrase.

スクリーンショット 2018-07-14 21.22.36.png


Most Japanese young girls say this word with anything, anytime. I guess they don’t understand the meaning. They always say “かわいい” when they express their feeling. If you are a girl, you can use this word against everything like Japanese girls. I don’t recommend the word to you.

12.エモい(emoi)–It’s emotional

”エモい” is the latest trend slang in Japan. “エモい” attributes to emotional. I’m worried that Japanese lost their vocabulary. Originally, the word was used only when we somehow feel sad or lonely. Now, you can use this word whenever you are touched.

Can you enjoy this blog? I’m happy if you are satisfied with this blog.

I want to know at which situation you want to use Japanese.

Please give me feedback!!!!

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