It’s Not Only Seven-Eleven : Here are the Top 3 Convenient Stores in Japan

Convenient store: The small shop selling various kinds of goods like foods, snacks, drinks, tissue, notebooks, and even a shaver.

Most popular convenient store should be 7-Eleven, because they are spreading their business area to overseas. But 7-Eleven is not the only famous store in Japan, there are two more convenient store running called FamilyMart and LAWSON. Lets see how different they are.



7-Eleven has the largest market share in the Convenient store market. They have 19000 stores in total. The shops are mainly running in Kanto-area and Chuubu-area, but there are some prefecture that doesn’t have 7-Eleven. Original food is called “Maru-Kara”. A juicy fried chicken, selling for 4 piece in one.






FamilyMart is the store that competes with LAWSON for the Number 2 in the Market. The number of the store is 18000. The area they run their store is mainly Kanto-area like 7-Eleven, but also runs in Okinawa prefecture too. Their original food is “FamiChicki”. Its a High-quality fried chicken that is bought by many people.




LAWSON competing with FamilyMart for the second place in the Market. They have a fewer number of stores compared to the others which is 12600. But they have a Large number of stores in Kansai-area which is the west part of Japan. Their Brand Food is “L-chiki”: A fried chicken with a crispy crisp and a tender meat.


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